Authentic Street Food from Hoi-An

the heart of asia
Hoi-An, the ancient city and the destination number one for all the travellers searching for the living treasure in the present in Vietnam.

This UNESCO heritage town had become the most important trade port in the Southeast Asia and attracted people from all corners of the wolrd which richly contributed to the development of a very unique cousine, an encounter of delicious oriental flavors which turned into very popular dishes in Vietnam and nowadays, all over the world.

Hoi-An has been an inspiration to many writers, poets, artists, travellers and above all, has been a muse for the delightful Vietnamese street food still breathing the breeze of the ancient memory to welcome and embrace the visitors.

Here in Banh Mi Hoi-An we would like to introduce the touch of the still remaing glory of this ancient city through the food and thus, connect with the famous Hoi-An bridge the two cultures, British and Vietnamese, and offer you a pleasure for the sight and palate.

fresh & healthy
The fresh ingredients just picked up in the early morning and directly served, made the Vietnamese food one of the freshiest and healthiest cousines in the world.

Vietnamese street food is remarkable for its generous use of the herbs and vegetables, mix of meats, delicious fish, selective use of spices, all of them wrapped into a colourful seduction for the eyes and with an amazing taste.

The most popular street food dishes are Vietnamese Noodles, Beef Noodle Soup Pho, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Jasmine Rice, etc.

Vietnamese, Cambodian, Japanese, Malasian and many others passed by through this imperial trade capital during the 14th and 18th century which made the Hoi-An food very special and added a distinctive flavour comparing to the Northern and Southern Vietnamese food.

A very ancient Asian story tells that the heart of all of Asia hides beneath the earth of Hoi An.