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1. Baguette Meal: 1 baguette + 1/2 soup for £7.50
2. Soup Meal: 1 soup + 1/2 baguette for £7.50
3. Noodle Meal: 1 noodle salads + 1/2 baguette (or soup) for £8.00
4.Rice Meal: 1 rice + 1/2 baguette (or soup) for £8.00

  Also if you like to have some prawn for your soup just add 50p.

Why not try pho and banh mi together in the Soup or Baguette Meal Deal?

Enjoy your lunch break with a good food treat. You can have either:

- a full soup portion with a half baguette, or 
- one baguette and a half portion of pho soup